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TR14-001 | 5th May 2014
Julia von Thienen, Christoph Meinel

Let’s Bring Home Even More Benefits from Design Thinking: Ideas for an Iterated Design Thinking Process Model

Design thinking research has provided two good reasons for a revision of the design thinking process model. (a) Prototyping is now considered an important means for facilitating communication in all stages of the design thinking process. Therefore, the “prototyping sign” in current process models is misleading. It seems to suggest ... more >>>

TR13-002 | 23rd September 2013
Christophe Vetterli, Falk Übernickel, Walter Brenner, Thomas Kowark, Franziska Häger, Jens Krüger, Jürgen Müller, Hasso Plattner, Barbara Stortz, Vishal Sikkha

Jumpstarting Scrum with Design Thinking

Customers have become more demanding in terms of customization, speed, and involvement with the value proposition of today’s services and products. This means that in order to remain competitive, companies need to re-design their existing development processes to constantly capture the customer needs, rapidly conceive innovative, highly customer-oriented solutions, and ... more >>>

TR13-001 | 19th April 2013
Christoph Meinel, Larry Leifer

Design Thinking Research - Building Innovation Eco-Systems

This is the introductory chapter of the fourth volume “Design Thinking Research – Building Innovation Eco-Systems” edited by Hasso Plattner, Christoph Meinel, and Larry Leifer to be published in the series “Understanding Innovation” of the Springer. more >>>

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