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TR18-001 | 21st December 2018 07:53

Bring Home Methods: Additions to the Bootcamp Bootleg


For years, the Bootcamp Bootleg (, 2010) has been a valuable toolkit to facilitate design thinking practice. The booklet shares methods for five process phases, or modes, in creative work. Teams are guided up to a point where they hold successfully tested prototypes. At that stage, design thinking teams have made valuable inventions. When you want to make a big impact in the world, it is often helpful to let the creative process continue beyond the testing of prototypes. Towards the end of a creative project, inventions can ? and should ? leave the inventor's workstation. Your novel solution shall spread around the globe to benefit many people. Normally, inventions don’t walk out of your design studio or laboratory on their own. You need to help them out into the world. To facilitate the move from invention to innovation, a Bring Home mode can be included at the end of the process model. We have made a start in compiling methods for the Bring Home mode in your design thinking projects. Feel free to build on this material, use it, share it and experiment with further amendments. Maybe you also want to print this compilation and attach it to the end of the Bootcamp Bootleg.

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