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How to subscribe to our newsletter

Simply follow this link and enter your valid e-mail address. After submitting, you will receive an automated mail with an activation link. Your subscription will be confirmed after clicking that link.

How to register

You can either register for the ECDTR newsletter or for submission of reports you want to be published on ECDTR.

For newsletter subscription just follow the link on the right side of the main navigation panel. You will have to submit your e-mail address and wait for an activation link.

For author registration click the "Register"-Link in the top right corner (just below the search input) and follow the instructions on screen. You will have to submit some data (name, e-mail address, affiliation) and choose a password. ECDTR will send you an activation e-mail to verify your account data.

If you have already submitted papers to ECDTR you will be asked to assign those to your account after registration. Those papers will be available in the "My papers"-section after login and you can submit comments or revisions in a convenient manner.

How to submit reports

For report submission you will have to register as an author (see above note). After login, click on the large "Submit paper"-button in the top right corner and follow the instructions on screen. You will have to enter title, abstract, authors and keywords for your work. If you have formulas within your abstract, you will be able to use LaTeX-style formulas that will be rendered as MathML automatically.

The paper itself has to be submitted as PDF file.

You can later log in to ECDTR to see if your work is just being screened or to submit revisions and comments to a published report.

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