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TR10-003 | 15th December 2010
Alexander Luebbe, Mathias Weske

Designing a tangible approach to business process modeling

Business process models are graphical representations of work procedures in organizations. In current practice, process modeling is a special skillset. External consultants interview process stakeholders and subsequently frame their understanding as process models. We designed an approach that empowers the stakeholders to actively participate in process modeling. This paper starts ... more >>>

TR10-002 | 17th November 2010
Malte Jung, Jan Chong, Larry Leifer

Pair Programming Performance: An emotional dynamics point of view from marital pair counseling

Revisions: 2
This paper demonstrates how methods to study affective dynamics of marital interactions can be applied to investigate the performance of pair programming interactions. As a proof of concept for our perspective, we re-investigated a dataset that was originally collected during a study on pair programming from a marital interaction perspective. ... more >>>

TR10-001 | 9th March 2010
Tilmann Lindberg, Christoph Meinel

Design Thinking in IT Development?

While information technology (IT) is regarded as one of the main current and future drivers of social and societal developments, the term IT design is mainly associated with purely technical issues, which is related to the predominant role of engineering expertise in IT development. However, whereas the engineers’ technical background ... more >>>

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