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TR15-002 | 19th May 2015
Larry Leifer, Christoph Meinel

Manifesto: Design Thinking Becomes Foundational

With the integration of design thinking into engineering education, a missing link has been created between the science-focused, context-independent part of engineering and the human society-focused, context-dependent aspect. The latter area has long been neglected, partly due to the uncertainty that comes with the unpredictability of human behavior. However, years ... more >>>
TR15-001 | 11th December 2014
Julia von Thienen, Christoph Meinel

Building on a Stages of Change Model to Bring Home More Big Design Thinking Ideas

Design Thinking is an approach to creating human-centered product or service innovations, based on a model of problem solving. Regularly, design thinking projects yield exciting visions for a better future. However, up to the present they often fail to impact the world at a larger-scale. In design thinking terminology, one ... more >>>

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